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Revekka's Observation


Revekka’s Observation:



Most people might think it’s a blessing, but it’s a curse to feel what others feel. I felt bolts of lightning devour Jak’s flesh from off his body. I feel Noemi’s despair and confusion, Vincent’s rage and fear, Dominic’s hatred and power, Malum’s pious obsession, and Vanessa’s grand delusions. I feel the knights believe they are walking the path of enlightenment, yet an inexperienced apostate will bring clarity, for the final days seem thickly veiled even from me.



It’s ironic really, I feel the cuts of knives and burns of bullets when I’m among the humans. If only they knew how linked they are to each other. The Shroud dulls their senses, so they can’t really see or feel anything. Only through meditation have I managed the pain enough to turn it into strength. I am not a judge. I am not a jury or executioner. I am a watcher, and I have watched endless grief and horrors for too long. Where is the justice? Now, I am called into action. Do I answer? I must separate what I knew from what I know must take place. I must find inspiration in this darkened realm. I must make it to the castle with this final message for the knights. This coin with the insignia, what does it mean? I see the castle’s torches are burning brightly upon the walls, yet I can no longer feel Maximillian’s presence. I hope Vanessa was just lying. I hope he’s well. I pray he’s still…a—live. 


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