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Vanessa's Diary


Vanessa’s Diary:



I can’t believe they kept this from me, I mean…us. I mean, why is all this stuff so bad anyway? We didn’t have cool things like shopping and manicures where I came from, and where I came from, it’s supposed to be “perfect.” I mean look at these shoes—these shoes, are perfect. Oh, and I love that bath & body shop, too.



I’m not shallow, I do what I want, so don’t judge. That’s why I left home, yeah know, ‘cause they judge. I mean, what would you do, live forever in a bubble, or a few years really livn’ the hell outta life. Yeah, I thought so. They say humans are living longer. But if you ask me, they’re just existing longer, if you know what I mean. Another thing, I’m sick of guys telling me I look good. Sure, I can be invisible. But why should I hide? I broke some jerk’s hand for actually touching me. Can you believe he touched me? As if! Besides, there’s only one guy…I mean, when I think about it, he’s just as selfish and rotten as the rest! God, why do I even care anymore?


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