Something Eternal Character Spin-off Stories

Vincent's Chronicle


Vincent’s Chronicle:



I should’ve said no. I didn’t want the “power” or “fame,” I just wanted her. Now Jak’s dead. It’s like I have Noemi, but he’s still between us.


Growing up, we were so different. I wanted to be like him. I couldn’t be him. Being a knight was everything to Jak. It meant more to him than being with Noemi. But being with Noemi meant more to me.



My own brother, Jak, how does a guy choose? So he had Noemi first, but I loved her first. There wasn’t a good way to say it, none that would’ve changed...whatever. Well, here we are, outcasts in a beautiful, less than perfect place. I know Noemi didn’t want this, but she’s happy, and I’m happy…I guess.


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