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Jak's Register


Jak’s Register:


Today I leave the safety of the castle walls to find my brother. Today I shall bring him home. I must remember that when among mortals, to talk as they do. It is more difficult than one would think to talk…”slang,” and with contractions.


I do not blame Vincent. I blame that devil woman, Noemi. I will not speak her foul name again. Tis true, she was my betrothed. It makes it all the more obscene. He is younger than her, and she, worldly wiser than him. Before I carry out my first mission as a knight, I will reclaim my brother, though there are those inside the castle, namely Benoit, who say Vincent is already lost to this world.


I cannot believe my own flesh and blood, my little…he’s not so little now, but brother, who I fondly love, could be as gone as they say.


This is it. This is the place. I think they call it a subway in the land of New York City.


The wind is picking up. It is dark and uneasily quiet. A sudden downpour of rain upon my head has erupted. A violent storm has appeared from peaceful skies. It is time to go inside this…“subway.”


For weeks I had heard nothing of his whereabouts. It has taken me months to track Vincent to this location on this very night, yet, it seems, he has laid a path of crumbs for me to follow. I wonder why?


Before this night ends, Vincent, my only brother, will know how much I love him. He will see redemption through me, and together, we will destroy the Shroud and free this realm of their influence forever.    




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