Tales From the Sith Witch

Have You Ever Wondered?


Question: About your decision to enter the book in the Kindle Scout program; why chose to compete in the program instead of publishing directly with KDP? Some folks might assume that if you have enough fans to win Kindle Scout, you may be better off just cutting out the middle man!


Answer: Good question! I suppose I need the validation of actually winning. Nothing’s wrong with KDP, but winning Kindle Scout looks good on a writing resume’.


Question: Let's talk a little about your writing background. How long have you been writing and when did you catch the writing bug? Any past publishing credits you want to share?


Answer: When I was six years old, my teenage sister let me watch a horror movie I should not have seen at such a young age. It was called Trilogy of Terror. I think I had nightmares about the demonic doll in that movie until I was nearly twelve. I wrote a story where I actually killed the doll, and after that, I never had another nightmare about that doll.


Some of my quotes have been used by other authors in their books and shared over a hundred thousand times on sites such as Tumblr. I’ve been a four-time finalist with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and other YA and MG writing competitions. I’ve sold rights to publishing houses overseas, and I’m currently working on a graphic novel with the above mentioned Disney illustrator.


Question: What new projects are you working on?


Answer: Right now I’m way too busy answering these questions. Just kidding. I’m always writing short stories, but the truth is, there’s just not enough hours in the day to start what I’d like to finish. Because of that, Something Eternal doesn’t have any cliffhangers, but a great first draft to the second book is ready to go should I win Kindle Scout. Plus there’s that graphic novel thingy.






Question: Any creative interests or hobbies outside of writing?


I like doing all kinds of stuff. I love music. If you like a certain song, I bet I have it on my mp3 player. I think my writing reflects diversity of tastes. I’ll go to a theatrical play one day and play sports the next. I love the ocean. We have a rocky coastline here in New Hampshire, which I find romantically enticing. I don’t know, it feels like Wuthering Heights while standing high above the rocky shore and gazing at the Isles of Shoals.


Question: What is the best piece of writing advice you ever received?


Answer: Short paragraphs, short chapters, short sentences.


Question: Be honest, what is the WORST piece of writing advice you ever received?


Answer: AHH! Everything! There’s just so much contradictory information out there. “No prologues.” Then it’s, “Where’s the prologue?” “No semicolons,” only to find everyone else is using semicolons. Bottom line, you have to pick and choose what works for your writing style. Taste is subjective after all, but the rules change from minute to minute it seems.  


Question: Where can readers stalk you...I mean...learn more about you and your work? (FB, twitter, etc)


Answer: No, you can say it; I love being “stalked.” I post cool, fresh stuff, and I always answer readers’ questions and look forward to hearing from you at these sites:










See the original interview: http://bardsandsages.com/juliedawson/2016/07/16/an-interview-with-joel-t-mcgrath/

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